SEA Weekly Maintenance Announcements - Oct. 28

Dear Player,

We plan to carry out a downtime server update at 9:30 AM on Oct. 28. It's estimated to take 2.5 hours.

During the server maintenance, you won't be able to log in to the game. Please inform other players and pay attention to the maintenance time to avoid unnecessary losses.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.



New Season - Symbiotic Space

Season result calculation time: At 9:30 AM on Oct. 28, 2022

The new season begins at 12:00 AM on Oct. 28, 2022! At that time we will complete the season result calculation based on players' tiers in the previous season. Players will receive their new season's tier, points, and season rewards.


New Card - Star-Lord

Symbiotic cards of double Keywords will be available for the new season!

Venom Rocket Raccoon and Venom Groot join the battle! Upgrade symbiotes to unleash wild power!


New Mechanism - Unity

The new mechanism Link will be available for the new season!

Spend Crystals and empower your characters with new strengths.

Make characters united with each other fight side by side, explore more front lines, and unleash great power!


New Event

#Collector's Showroom Event

Collector's Showroom Event updated. The new reward is the upgradable Card Back - [Prime Armor].

#Climb the Ladder for New Cards Event

Exchange your resources for new card packs! You can convert other Card Packs and Crystals into Hero Packs by completing the Ladder Climbing Quests to get Pack Conversion Cores!


New Content

#Odin's Vault

Star-Lord's new Golden Card Look is now available!

#Rule Rotation for Kamala Party

Current Rules: Best Selection

Refresh the Shop immediately after you purchase a card.

#Legendary Cards Limited-Time Duplicate Prevention

After the update to the new season, Star-Lord Packs will start a Legendary Cards Limited-Time Duplicate Prevention for 2 weeks.


Symbiotic Space Packs are now available in the Shop! Odin's Vault Value Packs are updated too!

#Season Pass

The new Season Pass is here! Tons of Coins, Universal Crystals, and optional Looks, all available in the new Season Pass!


#Season Exclusive Enhancement

The new card season rotation enhancement mechanism will be officially launched on Oct. 28!

2-cost/3-cost cards are enhanced this season, gaining limited-time enhancements such as enhanced Power, Battle Gems, and Additional Skills, producing unexpected new effects and combinations. They will bring more gaming changes to the early battles!


[Ulysses Klaue]

<First Release>: +1 Battle Gem if this card survives the next battle.


[Chitauri Soldiers]

<First Release>: This card gets +1 Power at the start of the Preparation Phase.


[General Ross]

<First Release>: This card gains <Cloaked>.


[Nova (Richard Rider)]

<First Release>: Give +1 Power to all other characters in the shop.


Balancing Patch:

Considering this is a card battle game, our goal is to create a balanced and diversified gaming environment for our players in the long term.

We have patched the following Cards:


1. [Drax]

[Power] 9→10

[Original Skill]

Defeat: +4/8/16 Power

[Changed to]

Defeat: +5/10/20 Power


2. [Drax's Daggers]

[Original Skill]

Before attacking, get +4 Power.

[Changed to]

Before attacking, get +5 Power.


3. [Milano Beam]

[Cost] 4→5

[Original Skill]

Once per battle, after your GotG characters taking 6 actions in total, deal 1-50 damage to two random opponents.

[Changed to]

When played, return <Rocket Raccoon> and <Star-Lord> from your battlefield to your Hand.

For every three <Special Actions> your characters take, deal N damage to the leftmost opponent, where N equals the total Power of <Rocket Raccoon> and <Star-Lord> in your Hand.


Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed some bugs related to UI, icons, animation effects, loading, and adaptation.

2. Fixed some other bugs.


MARVEL Duel Dev Team