MARVEL Duel Content Creators Recruitment IN ACTION

Do you enjoy the exciting battles in MARVEL Duel and want to share your joy with others? If so, you are in for a treat! The brand-new Content Creators program is currently recruiting, and we encourage all players to share their MARVEL Duel journey with the community and receive ample in-game rewards in return!

Please click on the following survey link to sign up for this event:

*All info will be kept confidential and will be used for this Content Creator Program Only.

The monthly awards are based on two categories:

  • · Participation Awards:

Qualification: 1K Subscribers or 500 Views YouTube Channel/500 Followers Twitch Channel

Awards: 30 General Pack Vouchers

  • · High Achieving Awards:

Qualification: 5K Subscribers or 5k Views YouTube Channel/2k Followers Twitch Channel

Awards: 50 General Pack Vouchers


Participants are required to have at least 4 Livestream/YouTube videos per month in order to claim the awards as stated above. These submissions will also be reviewed by the event producers to ensure their eligibility and do not contain inappropriate contents. Rewards will be delivered monthly by In-game mail.

For those who excessively meet the requirements (either by extra streaming length/YouTube views), the extra length will also be taken into considerations and shall be rewarded in Gems accordingly.