New Season Preview: Mystic Lore!

The sorcerers from the Sanctum Sanctorum have finally discovered the secrets within the Vault of the Sorcerer Supreme, including the Shield of the Seraphim. These mystical items contain hidden clues, allowing them to attract and connect to each other. These occult and spiritual histories were later named by sorcerers as 'Lore'. 

In the new season, 11 brand new collectible cards that work right around this new skill “Lore” will be released. Through different combinations, they have the potential to generate infinite possibilities. 

New Skill——“Lore”

The magical spells and equipment are hidden throughout the universe, and those uncovered myths are your only guidance to seek them.

Purchase “Lore” cards as if you are hunting mysterious treasures: for every three “Lore” cards you purchase, you shall be able to receive the fourth one from your card pool.

We will be releasing a total of nine “Lore” cards that are either Neutral or from each Super Hero’s collection. You could potentially gain a 6-Cost “Lore” card by simply purchasing three 3-Cost “Lore” cards. 

Additionally, two powerful characters will join this season to assist you in collecting and using “Lore” cards.  

Weekend Special Offer 

Starting this season, Players who top-up any amount in the shop each week can choose & receive two Hero Pack Vouchers on the weekend. 

New Companion on the Battlefield

Spring is finally here! Are you thrilled to stretch your body for an exciting game on the field? One master player will be joining Marvel Duel to experience the excitement with you, stay tuned!

New Season Pass

Powerful “Lore” cards, new emojis, and brand new Star-Lord Card Back, all these fancy rewards are available in the new Season Pass!  


The new season will officially start on March 4th. For more detailed information please pay attention to the in-game announcements.