3/18 Maintenance

Dear Players,

We plan to carry out a temporary server update at 10:00 a.m. (GMT+8) on 2021-03-18. It's estimated to take 2 hours.

During the server maintenance, you will not be able to log in to the game. Please inform other players and pay attention to the maintenance time in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

We apologize for any inconvenience!


#S-Class Support Hero – Rocket and Groot

The first S-Class dual-character Super Hero – Rocket and Groot is coming to MARVEL Duel! We are Groot!

They will bring a new Portrait Animation, a new Full-Screen Fight Animation, and a new Hero Attribute [Plan B] to the game. Players can preview them in the Shop.

[Plan B]: 20 Health. When selecting Hero Skills, you can refresh once. (Note: Refresh the Shop will cost you 2 Battle Gems and if you're not lucky, you can refresh the same skills.)

Players can get the new Super Hero with a 30% off discount for the first week, and get the limited edition emoji [Best Partners] as a bonus. Don’t miss out.


1. Due to the abuse of [Eye of Agamotto], [Kaecilius] has caused an infinite loop on the Battlefield. Ancient One has decided to expel [Kaecilius] from the sorcerers, so start from this update, [Kaecilius] will lose the [Mystic] keyword.

2. All Duel Replay will be invalid after this update. Remember to record your favorite games in advance.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the bug where if a single 0-Power character is equipped with [Juggernaut's Helmet], they could never be defeated.

2. Fixed the bug where if Doctor Strange (Space Armor) is Teleported to your Hand and then immediately being Teleported to your Battlefield, he would skip his action.

3. Fixed the bug where if Doctor Strange (Space Armor) is Teleported to your Hand, he could not be buffed by [Ancient One].

4. Fixed the bug where [Hela] would disappear after playing her skill VFX.

5. Fixed some bug in the Team-Up Mode.

6. Fixed some localization bugs, display bugs, compatibility bugs, and performance bugs.

7. Fixed some other bugs.

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