Weekly Maintenance Announcement - 2/25 Maintenance

Dear Players,

We plan to carry out a temporary server update at 10:00 a.m. (GMT+8) on 2021-02-25. It's estimated to take 2 hours.

During the server maintenance, you will not be able to log in to the game. Please inform other players and pay attention to the maintenance time in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

We apologize for any inconvenience!


New Content:

#New Companion

Doctor Strange's best partner – Cloak of Levitation will hit shelves after the update. Players can get a 20% off for the first week! Don’t forget to check the Shop!

#New Products in Daily Specials

We have added two new products to the Daily Specials:

1. Daily Gift (Common): Open it to get 1-5 random Hero Pack Vouchers!

2. Daily Gift (Rare): Open it to get 3-10 random Hero Pack Vouchers!


#VFX Optimizations in the Battle

1. We have speeded up the skill VFX of some cards from the Doctor Strange deck.

2. We have optimized some VFX on the Battlefield.

3. We have speeded up the Star Burst process of characters that have equipment.


1. We have optimized the calculation order in which [Agamotto's Gaze] and [Urgent Shrink] are triggered at the same time. [Urgent Shrink] will now be calculated first.

2. We have optimized the card detail interface to help Players better understand every information.

3. We have optimized the logic of Weekly Ladder Settlement. Start from next week, the Weekly Ladder Settlement Rewards will be issued to Players immediately at 00:00 every Monday.

4. Cyttorak from the Crimson Cosmos does not allow his power to be stained with other colors, so he decides that only Attack characters can use the [Juggernaut’s Helmet].

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed the bug where [SP//DR Suit] and [Carnage Spider-Man] would take characters that were defeated during the Preparation Phase into account.

2. Fixed the bug where the cards Assembled by [Sorcerer Supreme] would not be removed from the Card Pool.

3. Fixed the bug where [Strength of the Stars] would trigger during the Battle Phase.

4. Fixed the bug where [Hero’s Duty] would not remove the target character if they are moved to your Hand at the start of the next turn.

5. Fixed the bug where [Doomed Isolation] would trigger after the battle ended, and the Illusion it summoned would deal damage to Players.

6. Fixed the bug where occasionally Players could not operate cards in the battle.

7. Fixed the bug where some phone models would lag during the 15 seconds countdown.

8. Fixed some localization bugs, display bugs, compatibility bugs, and performance bugs.

9. Fixed some other bugs.

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