Weekly Maintenance Announcement - Feb.04 Maintenance

Dear Players,

We plan to carry out a temporary server update at 09:30 a.m. (GMT+8) on 2021-02-04. It's estimated to take 3 hours

During the server maintenance, you will not be able to log in to the game. Please inform other players and pay attention to the maintenance time in order to avoid unnecessary losses. 

We apologize for any inconvenience!


Weekly Maintenance Cancellation

During the Lunar New Year holiday, we will cancel the weekly maintenance for two weeks. The next maintenance will be carried out on February 25th.


New Features:

#Lunar New Year Event

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, we will hold a special event during the Lunar New Year holiday.


2021.02.11 00:00 a.m. - 2021.02.18 00:00 a.m. (GMT+8)


Collect [Lucky Knots] by completing special Lunar New Year quests. Use [Lucky Knots] to open Chest and win rich rewards.


Players can obtain the brand new Doctor Strange (Space Armor) skin, Doctor Strange Emoji, as well as a huge amount of in-game resources. Don’t miss out!

Besides, the much-loved New Year Carnival mode will be available again during this time.

#New Hero Skills

We have added the 5th Hero Skill of Black Widow and Doctor Strange. Players can get them from the Shop.

#New Cards

1.     Spider-Sense

2.     Wonder Man

3.     Abigail Brand

4.     Black Cat

5.     Spider-Glider

6.     SP//DR Suit

7.     Carnage Spider-Man

#Illusion Mechanism Adjustments

Now, all Illusions would disappear before the end of the battle, and won’t deal damage to Players.


1.     Darkness Falls Event: Added a Leaderboard of Daily Points, Players can check the Leaderboard on the main page of the event.

2.     We have added a Duel Replay button to the Ladder Result interface, now Players can check the Duel Report immediately after a game.

3.     We have redesigned the Phase Switch Tips of the new Battlefield.

4.     We have optimized the VFX of some Hero Skills.

5.     We have optimized the skill description of [Return to Sender], [Juggernaut’s Helmet], and [Red Guardian’s Shield].  


Bug Fixes:

1.     Fixed the bug where some cards would be invisible after playing [The Snap].

2.     Fixed the card display bug during Team Phase.

3.     Fixed the bug where Players could not complete the quest “Get an 8-Star Card in a Team-Up Mode game” under certain circumstances.

4.     Fixed some VFX bug in the new Battlefield.

5.     Fixed some localization bugs, display bugs, compatibility bugs, and performance bugs.

6.     Fixed some other bugs.  


Initial Deck Adjustments:

To improve the gaming experience for new Players, we have adjusted the initial Neutral deck and the initial deck of Spider-Man, Thor, and Star-Lord. The following cards have been adjusted:

[Guard Army of Asgard], [Asgardian Pegasus], [Hofund], [Hogun], [Heimdall], [Lady Sif], [Silk], [Hyperion], [Nebula], [Rocket Raccoon], [Groot], [Superior Spider-Man], and [M’Baku].

After the adjustments, Players will be able to dismantle the following cards and get full Crystal in return from 2021-02-04 to 2021-02-18:

[Guard Army of Asgard], [Asgardian Pegasus], and [Hofund].

Please note that since they are all part of their initial decks, to ensure that the decks work properly, there’s one copy of them that can not be dismantled.

Also, all Duel Replay will be invalid after game updates. Remember to record your favorite games in advance.  


1.     [Guard Army of Asgard]

Power: 2 → 1

Previous Skill – Guard. Last Words: Give a friendly character +3/6/12 Armor.

New Skill – Guard. Last Words: Give a friendly Guardian character +2/4/8 Power and +2/4/8 Armor.

2.     [Asgardian Pegasus]

Power: 4 → 3

Previous Skill – If you control another Asgardian character, this card gains +4/8/16 Armor.

New Skill – After taking action, this card gains +1/2/4 Power and +2/4/8 Armor.

3.     [Hofund]

Applicable Characters: All Characters → Guardian Characters

4.     [Hogun]

Armor: 3 → 5

5.     [Heimdall]

Battle Style: Support → Guardian

6.     [Lady Sif]

Battle Style: Attack → Guardian

Armor: 0 → 2

7.     [Silk]

Previous Skill – When a friendly Spider-Verse character is defeated, this card gains +2/4/8 Armor.

New Skill – When a friendly Guardian character is defeated, this card gains +1/2/4 Power and +2/4/8 Armor.

8.     [Hyperion]

Previous Skill – Last Words: Summon two random characters each with a Cost of 5 or lower and Star Level 1/2/4, and give them Guard.

New Skill – Last Words: Summon two random Guardian characters with a Cost of 5 or lower and Star Level 1/2/4, and give them Guard.

9.     [Nebula]

Battle Style: Support → Attack

Previous Skill – During the Preparation Phase, when you get the third Character Card, give the character to its left +4/8/16 Power until the end of the next battle.

New Skill – At the start of the battle, gain +N Power. Where N is equal to the number of other friendly Attack characters +1/2/4.

10.  [Rocket Raccoon]

Previous Skill – Defeat: Deal damage equal to the number of your GotG characters +1/2/4 to a random opponent.

New Skill – Defeat: Deal 2/4/8 damage to a random opponent.

11.  [Groot]

Previous Skill – Triumph: Gain +4/8/16 Armor.

New Skill – At the start of the turn. Gain +3/6/12 Armor.

12.  [Superior Spider-Man]

Battle Style: Guardian → Attack

Power: 8 → 16

Armor: 8 → 0

Previous Skill – Last Words: Summon three random Spider-Verse characters with a Cost of 5 or lower and Star Level 1/2/4.

New Skill – Critical Hit. Last Words: Summon three random Spider-Verse characters with a Cost of 5 or lower and Star Level 1/2/4, and give them .  

13.  [M’Baku]

Power: 9 → 6

Previous Skill – Last Words: Give Stunned to two/four/all opponents.

New Skill – When you play an Attack Character Card, give a/two/four friendly character +2 Power.  


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