Iron Man Hero Trial Strategies

Iron Man Hero Trials Level

1. Title: Strategies for Iron Man - Level 1

In Iron Man - Level 1, [Pepper Potts] will help you get economic advantages. Remember that [Stark Industries] characters should be purchased first, and used to enhance [Iron Monger] for an easy victory.


2. Title: Strategies for Iron Man - Level 2

The Shop needs to be upgraded to enhance your characters on Turn 1 in this level. When you start Turn 3, you can either trigger Super Hero Skills or try to upgrade to properly boost your Power for clearing the level without a hitch.


3. Title: Strategies for Iron Man - Level 3

[Prime Armor] will permanently gain the other [Stark Industries] characters' [Invocation] effects. So, the key to the level is to enhance [Prime Armor] as much as possible.

You'll gain a Super Hero Skill at the beginning of Turn 2. Use it and [Pepper Potts] to gain additional Armor to enhance [Prime Armor].

Your opponent will have [Abomination] in the upcoming turns. You need to use [Critical Hit] or other cards to prevent your key character from being [Stunned].

Your opponent will equip deadly equipment to Support characters later. You can address it by using [Stealth Armor]'s [Assault] and [Annihilate], or use [Ant-Man] or other cards to counter it.