Elektra Hero Trial Strategies

Elektra Hero Trials Strategies

1. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 1

There are two turns in Elektra Trial - Level 1. It's an easy level. You only need to be aware of the card purchase order.

On Turn 1, you need to assemble and play [Banana Peel] first, then summon the [Ninja of the Hand] after refreshing.


On Turn 2, a [Bulletproof] Quest card will be added to you when you play [Luke Cage]. The Quest will be complete once you play [Shuri] after using this Quest card. The 2 Battle Gems can be used to assemble rewards for completing the [Banana Peel] Quest.


2. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 2

There are two turns in Elektra's Level 2. It's an easy level. The most important things you need to be aware of are [Stick]'s effects and positions.

On Turn 1, there is only one [Daredevil] card in the shop. Just assemble and play him. Don't forget to use the Quest you obtained by playing [Daredevil].


On Turn 2, the [Back Alley Brawl] Quest will complete. Assemble [Daredevil's Billy Clubs] and equip it to [Daredevil]. Be aware that [Daredevil] will act first at the first position. [Stick] will increase the Power for character cards on either side of him at the second position. If this not done, you will fail to destroy your opponent's [Red Hulk] with a higher Star Level when the window is available.


3. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 3

For Elektra Trial - Level 3, the requirements for the order you assemble and play cards are strict. Even positions need to be considered. One false move could be a disaster!

Turn 1 starts with a [Luke Cage] on the battlefield and a [Bulletproof] Quest card. Play your [Bulletproof] card first; and then, assemble and use [Banana Peel] before assembling and playing [Elektra]. After that, summon [Shuri] to boost [Luke Cage]'s Armor. [Elektra] gets an extra boost when the [Bulletproof] Quest is complete; the last step is adjusting positions to let the enhanced [Elektra] attack first.




On Turn 2, the Shop will refresh 3 character cards. Go assemble a [Ninja of the Hand] to complete the [Banana Peel] Quest. Buy the reward character cards, and play them. Don't forget that [Elektra] should always be at the first position.


4. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 4

For Elektra - Level 4, quests can be completed more than once, which means you can perform several quests simultaneously. Plus, be aware of summoning order and maxing out quest effects.

Turn 1 is similar to the previous few levels. First, you need to assemble and play [Banana Peel]; after that, assemble and play [Kingpin's Revenge]; and the last step is to assemble the [Ninja of the Hand] and [Banana Peel] reward card.




On Turn 2, you need be aware of the [Kingpin's Revenge]'s Quest Card effects. When you try to complete a Quest, make sure there are as many Marvel Knight characters on the battlefield as possible. The standard way to pass this level is: assemble and play [Luke Cage], [Ninja of the Hand], [Typhoid Mary], and [Absorbing Man] in that order. Remember that you need to play Character Cards before assembling the next one.





On Turn 3, you need to summon [Luke Cage]. Play him when his Star Level reaches 2. By that time, the second [Bulletproof] Quest will be available. Assemble [Shuri] and play [Luke Cage] to boost his Armor, which will let you complete two [Bulletproof] Quests at once.


5. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 5

As Elektra - Level 5 starts, [Ant-Man] with 40 Power will give you a sound thrashing. You can still pass the level as long as you keep an eye on your Battle Gems and decrease your HP to 2. You only have one turn to pull all of this off.

Use Super Hero Skills to decrease your HP to 4, and your Battle Gems will increase to 6 at first. Afterwards, you need to assemble and play [Ghost]. Then, you'll see that you have 2 Health and 4 Battle Gems. Now, you need to sell [Ghost], and those characters summoned by the [Ghost]. Then, you'll have 6 Battle Gems. All Marvel Knights Character Cards will get Iron Will once you've assembled and played the [Unyielding Will] Quest.


6. Title: Strategies for Elektra Hero Trials - Level 6

Your opponent's overall formation is weak in Elektra - Level 6. You'll clear the level as long as you employ a combination of strategies used in the previous levels (Conscious choice by our designer) However, this level is not as easy as you think. Here are some theories on it for you to reference.

On Turn 1, buy all the cards in the Shop and put them on the battlefield. Play the Quest Cards. Here's a little trick: You'll win this turn, even if [Luke Cage] is not on the battlefield. You can keep [Luke Cage] until the next turn.


When Turn 2 starts, you can assemble and use [Banana Peel]. Then, try to assemble [Typhoid Mary] and [Elektra's Twin Sais] in that order. Once it's done, the reward card for [Banana Peel] will be locked. It makes no difference to your victory if you don't lock it. But here's the thing: you can't summon [General Ross] this turn if you fail to complete the [Back Alley Brawl] Quest in Turn 1 because you'll never have another chance to complete it after this turn.





On Turn 3, you need to summon [Shang-Chi] or any Marvel Knights Character Card locked in the previous turn. After performing a Star Burst on [Luke Cage] to upgrade it to Star Level 2, you can use [Shuri] to complete several [Bulletproof] Quests at once.


On Turn 4, select the Superhero Skill - Extreme Focus. You can use the Hero Skill to complete the Quest when you assemble and use [Unyielding Will] from the Shop.



On Turn 5, you can sell [Shuri], and summon [Moon Knight] or [Daredevil's Billy Clubs].



On Turn 6, any card in the Shop can be selected, so let’s go with [Jessica Jones]