Iron Man Deck Strategies

Deck Recommendation


Strategic Assessment

The basic Stark Industries strategy:

Stark Industries cards are temporarily or permanently strengthened when you upgrade the shop. Upgrade the shop quickly to defeat opponents with high-leveled cards.


Fast shop upgrade, strong late game.


Lack synergies.

Early to Middle Stages

If you got [Iron Man Model 1] and [Madame Masque] in the first two turns or upgraded one of them to Star-Level 2, you can spend turn 3 and 4 upgrading the shop.
In the second or third turn, you can choose [Iron Monger] to join your front line to be your first step of building a Stark Industries front line.

Ideal Front Line

From left to right:

Hulkbuster Armor with Silver Centurion Blade

Iron Monger with Winter Soldier's Arm

Red Hulk with Hawkeye's Bow

Superior Iron Man with Hawkeye's Bow

Silver Centurion with A.I.M. Energy Missile

Iron Man Model 1 with Taskmaster's Shield


Silver Centurion


Star Level 2 Silver Centurion can give all other Stark Industries characters +14 Power, which can be a great enhancement for your front line.
Note that once Silver Centurion is defeated, the enhancement will be gone too.

Iron Monger

Star Level 2 Iron Monger gains +2 Power whenever a Stark Industries character is played.
Its Power can be raised pretty high, and with its Critical Hit skill you can count on him to quickly defeat opposing <Guardian> characters.

Madame Masque

Star Level 2 [Madame Masque] gains you up to 16 Health.
She is rather weak on herself, so you can consider selling her at shop level Lv.5.

Superior Iron Man

When played, can provide up to 12 bonus Power.
Playing him basically means you're winning this turn. Playable in all kinds of front lines, don't hesitate to purchase him when available.

Silver Centurion Blade

All damage dealt with this equipment ignores Armor, directly striking the opponent's Power, even ignoring the Iron Will skill.
If you are facing an Armor-heavy Asgardian front line, be sure to play a double of these in your deck.