Intergalactic War Deck Strategies

Deck Recommendation


Strategic Assessment

Deck Basic Strategy:

Use characters that deal skill damage before action, such as [Ronan], [Captain Marvel] and [Supreme Intelligence]. Give them [Moonstones] to boost their power after dealing skill damage.
Use your Super Hero Skill or Pow Card Photon Force Field to increase Action Times for these characters to make them even stronger.
Play [Kamala Khan] and [Mar-Vell]. Their Power boosts quickly when other characters deal skill damage.


Skill damage ignores <Guard>, can assassinate opponent's key character.
Each action during combat creates more advantages, the longer the combat, the stronger your team becomes.


The front line requires synergy among multiple Characters, and can take patience to build up.
Can be countered by sweepers and other fast pace strategies like <Assault>.

Early to Middle Stages:

If you saw [Minn-Erva] in the first three turns, it's always fine to purchase her. If you got [Kamala Khan] for 3, you can start to look for <Support> Equipment and Characters that deals skill damage. Battle can be slow in this stage, giving [Kamala Khan] ample time to grow.
After you purchase [Yon-Rogg] and [Ronan] for 4, you can deal a lot more skill damage.

Ideal Front Line

From left to right:

Captain Marvel with Moonstones
Ronan with Moonstones
Ms.Marvel (Kamala Khan) with Kree Rifle
Mar-Vell with Kree Rifle
Yon-Rogg with Kree Rifle
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers) with Captain America's Shield


Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Core card in the early game, all cards that deals skill damage can synergize with her, not limited to the cards of this strategy.
After reaching Star Level 4, she can be the late game core card of the Last Words strategy.


The ceiling of this card is decided by the deck's total Skill Damage. The <Intergalactic War> can deal a lot of skill damage, so this card has a very high ceiling in this deck.


Boosts the skill damage dealt with <Intergalactic War> characters.

Generational Pendant

Can greatly increase the toughness of your front line, worth a shot in all kinds of decks, not just <Intergalactic War>.

Photon Force Field

An extra action point actually matters in late game, worth a shot in all kinds of decks, not just <Intergalactic War>.