Spider-Man Deck Strategies

Deck Recommendation


Strategic Assessment

Spider-Verse Deck Basic Strategy:

Use <Last Words> and <Special Action> skills to keep summoning <Spider-Verse> characters. Play [Howard the Duck] and [Spider-Man (Miles Morales)] to raise the summoned Character's Power. Crush the opponent with a huge amount of overall Power.


Lots of playables, flexible in early to midgame.
The overall Power is very huge once the front line is built up.


The power of a single character is rather low, if key characters are defeated, it will be fatal to the whole front line.
Incapable of dealing with opponent's key cards, making the whole strategy somewhat passive.

Early to Middle Stages

If you got the [Silk] and [Ghost-Spider] combo before turn 5, you can play Spider-Verse until Shop Lv.5.
[Spider-Tracer] is a very powerful equipment, but be sure to leave enough space for the summon.
[Spider-Woman] is worthy to be given a lot of Power in early game, but she doesn't have a lot of synergy with the other Spider-Verse characters.

Ideal Front Line

From left to right:
① Spider-Woman with Silver Sword
② Symbiote Spider-Man with Hawkeye's Bow
③ Howard the Duck with Spider-Tracer
④ Spider-Man with Spider-Man's Mask
⑤ Spider-Man (Miles Morales) with Spider-Tracer
⑥ Silk with Taskmaster's Shield


Spider-Man (Miles Morales):

Give tons of Power to all summoned Spider-Verse characters.
That includes characters played in the Preparation phase. For example, if you play [Spider-Woman] and Star Burst her, then play her again, the bonus applies both times.


The irreplaceable core card in the early game.
If you managed to raise her to a high Star Level, she can join your last front line.
Power buff needed. 

Symbiote Spider-Man
Summon Symbiote and boosts Power for <Spider-Verse> characters, can be played in both the Summoning and the Stunning strategies.


As a Guardian character, he can get <Guard> via multiple ways. That way he won't keep occupying a position on your Battlefield and will give other characters more Power.

Has <Guard> herself and can give another character <Guard> with her Last Words. Great at protecting key characters.

Superior Spider-Man

The literal "One man army", worth playing against all kinds of deck, especially when you are playing a Spider-Verse strategy. 

End of Spider-Man
Trigger Last Words in Preparation phase. Play it on [Spider-Man] to get a lot of Power, or on [Superior Spider-Man] to get a lot of Characters for Star Burst bonuses.